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About Paul Hanson

Hello! I'm best known as a creator of unique bassoon music videos-that and a touring, performing bassoonist/saxophonist and educator. I've worked with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Cirque Du Soleil, Eddie Money, Boz Scaggs, SF Jazz (Miguel Zenon), Charlie Hunter, Steven Bernstein, Wayne Shorter, Jonas Hellborg,and a host of others. I'm a classically trained, award-winning bassoonist who heard about this thing called "YouTube" ten years ago and decided to throw up some electric bassoon jamming. That video went a bit viral and YouTube became a way to communicate with lots of people-now I have somewhat of an active YouTube channel. 

As the musical media landscape has totally changed since I started playing professionally over 35 years ago-I've always been thinking about what is the best way to get my content out and how can we as artists survive. The genie of social media and music content is out of the bottle-it's not going back to the day of catching a bus to a local record store to buy an album just for one great song.  As a musician-I'm equally interested in education (my education and showing others all I can about what I know) and producing music. So-this is what my Patreon page is all about. 
I like to do music tutorials on subjects such as jazz improvisation (both for bassoonists and other more mainstream jazz instruments), creating the coolest music videos I can make, and talk about my lesson platform that is currently on SKYPE. I am blown away by some of these Patreon artists and I know this is a platform that is here to stay. It's great that Patreon has found a way for some of my new music heroes to actually make a living doing what they love to do while being so good at it. Thank you! Paul 

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When I reach $500 a month-I'll be able to upgrade my video equipment to add more cameras and get Final Cut Pro. I'd like to continue up the quality! 
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