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About Paul Davids

Hi, my name is Paul Davids. First of, let me thank you for visiting my Patreon page!

You probably know me from my YouTube channel Paul Davids. I make guitar-related videos that I hope are an inspiration to like-minded people. Videos range from song tutorials to music theory and from guitar lessons to my own music. Also, check out my fingerstyle section!

Thanks to your support I was able to acquire equipment like cameras, lights and microphones. Thanks to you YouTube is now my main job and I'm extremely grateful for that! 

I aspire to keep making awesome and high-quality videos. And of course to keep improving both my work and myself. 

If you are new here, I hope you will consider supporting me and if you already are: super awesome! Thank you!

What do you get?
I publish AT LEAST 1 video a week, but often more. For detailed rewards, check the reward section of the tiers. You can support from $1/month to $15 (or more). I post high quality tabs in PDF and Guitar Pro 6/7 format of most things I play in my videos. I plan on doing live-streams videos too. More info on that soon!

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Wow... This is unbelievable. Getting to 1000 would make it possible for me to do less private lessons/teaching and focusing more creating awesome YouTube videos! 
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