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Every grain counts!!!
And soo does your opinion! With your contribution you can also provide feedback on the respective project you intent to backup. Follow the path of development!
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With 50, i can shake your virtual hand and Thank you for your commitment !!! You will have a special entrance to my brain and receive a monthly update with the visual progress of the project of your choise!!!
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As many, my childhood was filled with countless hours playing videogames. Back then, the crude graphics and sounds, forced the player to fill in the gaps with his own imagination. I witness the industry grow, better computers spawing more and more complex games, coming to this age, where soon, the boundary between the real and the sintetic reality will be broken.
After graduating from Graphic Design, web and Video i came across the Unity Engine, an engine that allowed me to be able to craft my own personnal vision, of my favorite games, my own understanding of flaws and virtues. Thats why i am here in Patreon. So that i can show my work and share it with fellow gamers and ask them to help me to finish my quest. To be able to achieve the sense of wonder those games from my childhood had on me, the sense of surprise and enjoyment, a discovery not only of senses but also of intelect, instead of blind consumerism, games defined by hours of gameplay, a pixellated drug.With your help, the hand will fit the glove, not the other way around! These are currently the projects i am working on,


Invasion of the Body Watchers

Thank you
Paulo Samoes
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I wish, with everybody help, to upgrade the demo for the Invasion of the Body watchers, beeing able to expand the game world and improve the in game mechanics.
And also, start the process of closing the demo, for the upversive level.
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