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Welcome to my Patreon page. As a writer and a singer-songwriter, I have countless opportunities to interact with music lovers and to help readers with questions. In fact, I've written literally hundreds of web articles to answer frequent reader questions on a ridiculously wide range of subjects. That's how readers usually find me, by they way - they google some obscure topic and find that my article makes more sense than most of the articles that come up.

I've set up this page because some of my followers have expressed interest in giving back, learning more about some topic, and/or getting extra help with questions or projects that I don't usually have time to go into with a general audience.

If you sign up at any level, I promise to get to any questions early. If you let me know your interests, I'll see to that I notify you when content you might be specifically interested in becomes available. (No, there won't be any advertisements.)

I hope to add more to this page soon, but folks have been asking about it so I thought I'd make it public while things are still in the works.
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