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Hmm? Who are you?

Hello everyone, my name is Paul ter Voorde and I am an animator.
You might know me from some of my work. I've made a couple of Eddsworld episodes such as
Space Face (part 2), Date Night, Snogre, Fun Dead and The End!

If you're not familiar with Eddsworld, maybe you've seen some of the Studio Yotta cartoons
I've worked on. Cartoons like Lakewood Plaza Turbo and StarBomb!
Still nothing? Check out the playlist here:
[Eddsworld episodes animated by me] [Other cartoons animated by me] [Portfolio]

Oh. Hi Paul! What brings you here? Begging for moneeey?! Heh heh heh!!

I want to make a brand new animated show! But for that I need your help!
These days it's getting harder and harder for me to find the time to do work of my own.
I keep getting busier and busier with work, which is great! But it has a down side.

As great as some of these projects are, I don't always get compensated for the time I spend making
these cartoons. Some times I work 14 hour days, just so I can make enough money to pay the bills
for the month.

Which I don't always mind, since I love animating so much! But this has turned into a endless cycle
where I hop from one freelance job to another. This has been happening for the last 5 years.
I don't have free time anymore to bring you something original, something that I know some of
you guys would like to see.

So I've came up with this idea.
I've set up two goals on my patreon for (the) two different show(s) that I want to make.
My first goal is for Skeff. For 2000 dollars per month I will start making a series of Skeff shorts.

What! 2000 dollars?! That is so much money! Are you insane?!

You would think that, but it's not as crazy as you think. Tax takes a big chunk out of that and with
the remaining money I will have just enough to get by each month. Meaning, I can stop freelancing
for a little while and dedicate my time to bring you a whole bunch of Skeff cartoons.

Now here is where it gets a little crazier. My second goal is 5000 dollars per month so I can start
working on a show I really want to animate.

It's called ' Jasper and Ted '. This is a big one and I need full support for this. I would defenitely
need a extra bit of money for this so I can hire a extra pair of hands.

Man, 5000 dollars?! You are out of your mind!
Why ask for so much each month! I am getting out of here!!

Making cartoons (Eddsworld for example) is a hell lot different from creating regular YouTube
video content.

Since I'm real passionate about making a good looking cartoon, it usually takes me up to a month
or some times 2 to make one of these.

I take care of every drawing, I make sure the backgrounds look great and I simply enjoy it when a
cartoon looks like something that could be shown on TV.

Honestly, it's a lot of work. I will follow up with a time-lapse video shortly so you can see it for
yourself. [Little preview]

So please understand that it takes a long time to make something as good looking as Eddsworld.
I've animated most of these new episodes completely by myself, it's painfully difficult.
So a extra bit of money allows me to pay for music, voice acting, sound, and additional
artists for animation and backgrounds.
All I need is that one chance, if you don't like the result you can always stop supporting me.

Well.. alright.. But what if you can't reach your first goal?

Well, I am expecting it to be less. Reality is a bitch!
If that happens, I unfortunately won't be able to start animating a new show just yet.

But I would still really apreciate your support! A lot of artists see Patreon as a tipping jar. Any
money you donate will help me get through the struggle of animation.
So yea, see it as a tipping jar until I reach one of these goals. Then I will get serious!!

If you can't help out money wise, that is completely fine!
One other thing you could do is share this page with your friends and let them know I want to
make a new show, that will help out just as much! =)

Will I get something out of this when you reach one of your goal?

Your money won't just help bring quality animation, in return you will get unique behind the scenes content. Screenshots, storyboards and animatics will only be available to you.
Exclusively for Patreon Supporters!

Even rough animations will be shown on the spot, I usually publish these other after a final release.
But these will be available right away for Patreon supporters!

To give you a example,
I have an animatic available for you right now!

And if you start supporting me right now. I will have a 2nd animatic available right away!
(It's from the latest Game Grumps Animated.) [Available after it's been released]

I will constantly stay in touch with you guys and keep you up to date through Patreon as well.
And here is the best part is, you can get all these perks for just two dollars per month!
If you have a little bit extra to spare,
you could get your name in the credits for each Patreon funded video on YouTube!

So if you like the work I've done in the past and you are interested in my future work,
please help me out.

Thank your time and thank you for all the support in the past! <3
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Exclusive in-progress content!
When I start developing a new cartoon,
you will be regularly updated with screenshots and rough animations.
You will also get exclusive access to Storyboard/animatics.

per month
Your name in the credits for each Patreon funded video on YouTube!
Exclusive in-progress content!
When I start developing a new cartoon,
you will be regularly updated with screenshots and rough animations.
You will also get exclusive access to Storyboard/animatics.
$23 of $2,000 per month
I will start working on my first original series. Skeff!
It's a show about a boy that has ' exciting ' adventures in the mysterious land of Denmark.
With his trusty dog he can overcome his daily struggles to become a respectable adult.
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