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About Paul The Legacy

Hey guys whats crackin this will be short and sweet, just like me. 

I do art, digital mostly, and i've been at it for a good while now. I just got tired of having vivid ideas and depictions and no way to bring them to life. This page is to help me make some money on the side while i'm going to school. So every bit helps. 

Slide into my DM's and shoot me a request if you want but I have some guidelines for you to follow before submitting one:

1) The request cannot be insanely broad or ridiculously detailed, for example-  " A girl who riding a dragon while playing a flute and shooting strawberry yogurt from shoulder mounted predator gun." Please keep it simple cause I am scrutinized for time between School and my other hobbies. 
2) No Color just yet, unless you make me a good deal I guess.  
3) No furries, not hating just a preference. 
4) please leave clear and concise details you'd like to be added (within reason) 
5)Please be mindful of my skill level, look at examples of my other work on my page and make your decision after. 

*NOTE: you must subscribe for the month since patreon is weird like that, so after your project is made to your liking and the payment is complete, you can unsubscribe if you want.

Other then that you guys are free to send me whatever you want, like I mentioned before I will be strained for time so expect at least a week (5 days or more) before I can complete the project.


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