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Hello, my name is Yevhenii and I am a graphic designer from Ukraine.

Let me tell you what I am doing. 

I really like doing things that will have a social impact. Therefore, lately I have been cooperating with social projects, and these incredible people have flown from another planet. I help make their projects recognizable and high-quality through design. These are the logos of visual identification and much of what is associated with it. Social organizations (projects) do not always have the money they need to attract a creative team to solve their problems - they have more important needs to spend their money. Therefore, I have an idea to gather a team of people and create an agency that will provide its professional services to civic organizations and help them become stronger.

I hope that through creativity we will be able to make our world even better. At the moment, I have teamed up with designers volunteers, and we are developing a visual identity and a logo for a project that helps translate sign language for hearing impaired people.

Also, I sometimes do just creative projects that I just enjoy, here is one such project, I made stickers in the style of Milevich, and then they can be downloaded to Telegram or bought and pasted on a laptop.

Also, I plan to start writing a blog on  Medium about how the workflows occur when developing branding or generating ideas.

Я думаю, це буде цікаво :)
Тут ви можете слідувати за мною в  Instagram і Facebook Behance

Я намагався написати це протягом п'яти днів, і тому, коли я йду до дощу поза вікном, і я нікуди не можу їхати, я вирішив це зробити. Дякую, що прочитали цей пост;)
$0 of $400 per month
When I run $ 400 I create a website for a social agency.This will ensure the contacts of interested designers who want to join the agency, and also show the portfolio of projects.
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