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Hamster Hugs
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Thank you! Your support means so much for me. 

You will get access to my sketches, doodles and phone lockscreens. You also get to see commissioned drawings that I don't post anywhere else.
Eventually I'll make the doodles public, but your support makes it possible for me to create more and more art! 

Hedgie Huffs
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Thank you so much, you're awesome. 

For this tier you'll get access to full resolution pictures of my personal artworks, plus a monthly coloring page!

You will also gain access to Hamster Hugs tier rewards.

Piggie Pals
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I can't thank you enough!

I'll make you a simple cartoon drawing of your pet or an animal of your choice each month. 

You will also get the rewards from the Hamster Hugs and Hedgie Huffs tiers.




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About Pawlove

Hello! My name is Winnie, or you might know me as Pawlove. I am a freelance illustrator. Day and night, I create illustrations of animals, most of them are hamsters and other rodents. My inspirations come from my pet hamsters. I built so many illustrations based on them, that they are now inseparable from my crafts. 

The main theme of my artworks are positivity and things that makes you feel warm and fuzzy. It's my goal to create something that helps you smile. It doesn't matter if it just makes you say 'aww' in your mind, or if it's good enough to actually put a smile to your face! 

I will post my work in progress, doodles, and artworks here. Eventually I'd like to make my doodles and sketches available to everyone, but patrons will be able to see them much earlier. And just like hamsters, no matter how small, your support will allow me to create more content for you to enjoy!
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If we reach this goal, I'll start doing daily colored doodles, ink drawings, simple art or something else that's possible to do daily. So you'll have a new art to look at everyday!
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