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About PazyPlayz

PazyPlayz is an editor and more importantly a dedicated channel to Cinematic Gaming, aiming to deliver impactful and emotional edits for the best Story Driven Games.

You can support the editor by making requests for videos, or just show appreciation for the current edits.

We will only use proceeds to invest further into editing software and hardware to help maintain the edits to the highest quality (currently 4K 60fps on all possible videos).

Some videos will contain major plot spoilers, so please be aware! Games with lots of content currently include: Life is Strange (All games) Final Fantasy (X, XIII, XV) Red Dead Redemption 2. The Last of Us Uncharted 4 and Many many more...

Request any movie versions you'd like to see or tributes on specific characters that you love :)

Thank You for supporting a self-employed editor!

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