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About Press Buttons 'n Talk

Welcome to Press Buttons 'n Talk!  We talk over video games and give voices to anyone and anything we encounter within them!

Never heard of us?  Go watch one of our videos and come back with money!

Today we are a Let's Play channel, but in the future, we may use our very good and beautiful voices to create other things!  Your financial support allows us to continue creating even as our current revenue stream becomes less reliable.  Funds will lead to direct channel upgrades such as better recording equipment, more frequent episodes, additional content, and more!

By supporting PBnT, you'll also be joining a community of outstanding folks.  You will gain access to our Discord server and will get first dibs on any direct participation we have with our audience!

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3DS Capture Card!  Will allow us to play games from the DS and 3DS library on the channel!
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