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You’ll get early access to sketches of the comics as they’re being made!
As each comic is completed, I’ll show you my original sketches of each comic,
so you can see the layout as I originally imagined it.

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You’ll get early access to sketches, as well as the inked illustrations!
Each comic will come with an original inked illustration featuring the hero as an introduction.
Get a clean version of that illustration’s sketch to see how I laid it out.

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In addition to the sketches and inks,
you’ll get access to the full-sized colored comics and illustrations as they’re created!
You get a copy of each comic at the highest resolution possible, larger than you’d see on any other site.
Use it for any non-commercial project you’d like!




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I’m Vichel, the writer and creator of the Dota 2 comics called Hero’s Time.
I draw Hero’s time six days a week, and upload them Friday.
I want to make Dota 2 comics that everyone can enjoy,
even those who don’t know anything about Dota!

Why make a Patreon?

Hero's time is under contract with Nexon of Korea up until December 31st, 2015,
meaning only 30 issues of the over 100 Dota 2 heroes.
With your help, I can give Time of Heroes better stories, better art,
and give me a better environment to create them!
Your donation money will be spent on the tools I need to make the comic full-time,
i.e. paper, pens, the power bill, and so on.

My goals are to make stories featuring all of the heroes,
and share them with everyone around the world!

$0 of $500 per month
My monthly payment from Nexon is roughly $500 USD, the bare minimum I need to sustain my current working environment.
My contract, however, will expire at the end of 2015.
If I can meet my monthly goal, I can continue working on comics for as long as I have ideas!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 46 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 46 exclusive posts

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