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About PC Perspective

You might be asking yourself: “What is PC Perspective doing on Patreon?” It's simple. We want to continue expanding our brand of technical content, and we want to do so without some of the limitations and restrictions that other options would require. Getting advertising and funding continues to be difficult, but we are not giving up.

The future is in jeopardy! Enthusiasts of technology and computer hardware need technical analysis, detailed reviews, and up-to-date news. We want to continue providing that to you.

PC Perspective is not new. The site was founded in 2004, but it transitioned from an AMD-focused review website that started in 2000. We have seen technology trends come and go, watched manufacturers thrive and fade away, and witnessed online media grow before it faded or was assimilated by the Borg.

This is the OLD PC Perspective, from 2005...

But we are still here, still doing our thing. We review hardware, make podcasts, and produce videos.

At the end of 2015, our team came up with some very clear goals for 2016:

  • Increase the amount of written reviews, podcasts, and videos that we produce.
  • Improve on their quality, furthering the detailed technical nature of our articles and stories.
  • Build our staff with more writers that share this vision, and promote more to full-time.
  • Revitalize the pcper.com website, forums, and live landing pages to enhance user experience and engagement.
  • Provide an outstanding visit without obnoxious, interstitial ads.
  • Avoid degenerative trends that we see in the industry, which generate clicks, but not value to our readers (such as a link to the latest Marvel trailer).

Going directly to our readership and fans help us achieve these goals.

The scary truth about this industry is that focused, detailed, and technical content is expensive. It takes a lot of person-hours to research, test, and write content that doesn't necessarily translate into more page views, and that is how we monetize today. Low quality content that glosses over details, with minimal analysis, is cheap and easy, but we don't want to compromise.

Frame Rating helped mold PC gaming for the better

We want to be able to do this independent of any corporate media conglomerate that might muddy the waters for our editorial staff. We don't want to be forced to cover products that we don't want to, or worse, in ways that we dislike.

We also want to maintain our sense of humor and personality. Our team shows their humorous and interesting sides through podcasts and editorials, and that is part of what makes PC Perspective what it is today. Having flexibility in funding allows for this without pushing for a “pageviews above all else” mentality. We want readers, not just reads.

Don't you want more JoshTekk?

So, why should you help?

First, you get the joy of directly contributing to the success of a publication that you have learned from, you respect, and you enjoy engaging with. We hope that we have many specific projects that you like, such as our weekly podcast, our live streams, Allyn's ability to keep the storage world on its toes, our Frame Rating GPU testing that pushed smoothness and better user experience to the masses, or maybe our technical breakdown of the variable refresh rate monitor technology that improved competition as well. Without wanting to brag, we believe that we have done a solid job in contributing to the success of PC gaming, and technology in general. We hope you agree.

Our weekly video podcast in full force!!

Secondly, you might have been one of our many readers that asked to contribute. We have received numerous emails in the past, but we have thus far been unable to accept support. Or maybe you block ads, but you still want us to exist for your enjoyment.

Or maybe, just maybe, you need a little more reward. In that case, check out the milestones and individual rewards that we have lined up for you on our Patreon page. We would love nothing more than to expand our current content with shows like the PC Perspective Mailbag, PCPer Gaming Weekly, and the Retro Hardware Showcase.

And thank you so much for reading! I hope to talk to you soon as a supporter of PC Perspective!
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