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I am here to help create a better world. I believe each person has a special contribution toward the "Great Work" of transformation from an age of separation, violence, and divisiveness to a harmonious, peaceful and beautiful phase for humanity. We are on the cusp of this transformation. 

My work is through creative expression of the word, including poetry, blogging, speaking, and rapping. I put hours every week into creating content for my website (www.peacepoetrypilgrim.com). There are no paywalls for anything, including my self-published books, because I believe in universal access to art and knowledge. Being of service to the uplift of consciousness is my core intent, and I would not have even one person turned away from my offerings because of a price-tag. I do gratefully accept donations. 

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. Being of value to the world in this process of transformation is my highest ideal. If you are inspired or changed by what flows through me, then I am happy. If you offer me a contribution in return so I may more fully serve this vision, I am all the more touched.

This direct person to person exchange of love (yes, your support is love, as are my offerings) is a real expression of the beautiful world becoming. We are not anonymous, we are connected, real and known. We are not competitors, we are collaborative. Together we WILL make this thing happen. 

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!
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