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Thanks to your help I can continue to develop Brawl Quest and keep the servers up. Thanks so much!

Your name will appear in game as a Producer.

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At this pledge tier you'll be able to access Alpha servers even after the last Alpha event has ended and you'll be listed as an Executive Producer!
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At this pledge tier you'll be able to access both the Alpha servers and the live dev servers. This means that you'll be able to play the full game as it currently stands - the same version that I play on myself. Think of this as "early early access".
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About Thomas Lock

Hi, I'm Tom!
I'm currently in the process of creating Brawl Quest, a multiplayer RPG about taking on hundreds of enemies at once in intense combat. It's currently in very early development but there are already several week-long alpha events planned, one of which ("Realm of the Skeleton King") has already taken place. You can visit the website here.
Alongside Brawl Quest I'm hoping to start making one arcade-style game every few months.
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At this amount I'll be making back my monthly development costs meaning that I'll no longer be building BrawlQuest at a loss! Woooo!
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