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> exclusive clips from some videos
> access to patron only channels on the "dreamers" discord server

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> discuss video ideas on discord

> every single exclusive video

> special thanks in the credits (NOW EVERY VIDEO) 

> videos in podcast form, so you can enjoy the gaze whilst driving, flying etc.

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About pedal partners


i'm luca & i've been bringing you dreamy content as pedal partners for a few years. i am beyond grateful for the support i get, the nice comments, the friendships made.

patreon gives me the chance to take my videos further, the more support i get the more exclusive features & content i'll be able to bring to patreon.

the quality & dreaminess of my regular output won't be affected by my commitments to my patrons, but as an overview some of the the features only available to patrons include:

> exclusive videos  
> exclusive lessons {chords, tunings etc.} for relevant videos i.e. "how to sounds"
> patron exclusive discord channels
> discuss video ideas with me on discord 

> acknowledgement of your kindness in the credits
> videos in podcast form
> free downloads of dreamgazer songs

why does a demo channel even need a patreon you ask?
i put a lot into these videos & it's something i've recently took full time. in just a couple of years it's evolved to become more than just a passion project & something where i am able to realise all the dreaminess that has been stored up inside me from years of watching movies & listening to shoegaze. i'm an ambitious little fellow & with your kind support i'm able to continually increase my monthly output of shoegazey goodness. 

recommended reading list:
david lynch 
the musical genre of shoegaze
the literary work of hubert selby jr.

thanks everyone {patrons & non-patrons} for the support, you're really all the best.

love ya,

{dreaminess defined}

13 of 25 patrons
when i reach 25 patrons i'll produce another video in collaboration with my supporters
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