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About pedestrianwolf

Hello! I'm Keri; 2011 SCAD animation grad working as a dog groomer by day and a freelance artist/animator/fabricator by night. I'm currently nestled right in the middle of the Blue Ridge and trying to relocate to the PNW by september in search of bigger animation opportunities.

All supporters of this patreon will get first dibs on original artwork for sale before it's offered up for sale elsewhere. You'll also have opportunities to snag free prints, signed original work, as well as stickers and other merch from my Redbubble and Society6 shops!

This patreon also serves as a virtual tip jar of sorts. Anything pledged is INCREDIBLY appreciated and goes towards helping to continue to be able to make stuff!
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I'm moving to the opposite side of the country in the fall to be closer to available employment opportunities in my field. This goal or anything close to it would definitely give me a boost to get there and get set up. Where I'm going is going to have more room for me to make even cooler stuff at home for you guys, as well as allowing me a better chance of following my animation dreams to be a part of bigger projects and prospects.
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