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+ postal shipment of the actual CD when it is completed! eek!




per A Forest Dreams Tour
$5 of $7,500 per A Forest Dreams Tour
I've just been and still am recovering from a relatively horrific Auto-Immune Illness, which has given me a long break from the usual rounds of planet Peneleapaí. I can't describe the troughs or depths of what I've gone through thru my music quite yet .. ! However the music that I have created and been performing takes on a new meaning and my contact with ye is reinvigorated with the (however humble or heretic) learnings I've inherited. I also had a recurring dream (three nights in a row!!!) of a hardcover square book entitled only HEALING on its cover, of which I was author apparently. I know my understandings would be of immense help, yet am intimidated to begin and attempt to encapsulate it all accurately and succinctly! 
Meanwhile, as my best friend and confidante has been harassing me to get ALL my songs and creations OUT there (on threat of "What if you'd be snuffed next week? Then what?" implied selfishness / laziness on my part) and I realise it is the higher knowing that is speaking thru him; agus tá ceart aige (and he is correct).
The TOUR is the most exciting part ~ and probably the most wildly unrealistic part of this Patreon "goal"
Like, to stop at the first two material ambitions (CD + book) is really and sensible enough. To include the TOUR as well into the picture is just to make me look overambitious unrealistic and naive. Och gwan so  :)
Beannachtaí   x
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