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Like so many people, I've been shocked and appalled at the actions taken by President Trump since his inauguration, watching as the safety of American citizens and the rights of people both inside and outside the US have been ignored or rolled back.

And so, Pence against Trump is born - a page where anyone can make a small daily donation of a few pence (paid on a monthly basis) to the IRC and ACLU, who are fighting Trump's harmful and unethical policies, and Planned Parenthood, whose ability to provide care to people in need is being restricted and hampered by his presidency. I will be contributing myself too, and my payments will continue for as long as Trump remains in office.

If you'd like to take part too, I've tried to set the basic donation level at an amount most people could afford -  around 10 pence a day, (or roughly £3 a month) - or if you're feeling generous, there's a tier at roughly £1 a day (roughly £30 a month) - and you're encouraged to keep that monthly donation going for as long as Trump remains president.

Anything we collect (minus any Patreon fees) will be passed on to Planned Parenthood, the ACLU and the IRC on a rotating basis, at the end of every month that we hit £200 or more.

Thank you for reading and let's pit pence against Trump!

A few FAQs:

Who are you and why should I trust this Patreon?

I'm a concerned European citizen living in Bristol, UK. I can only assure you that this Patreon has been set up with good intentions and that all the money I receive will be donated. If you don't know me, or someone I know IRL and are unsure about donating, I totally understand - in which case, perhaps consider donating directly to an organisation that you know is helping?

Why don't I just donate direct?

You can and should! I set up this Patreon so that people who wanted to give a small, regular donation that they'd hardly miss could do so, and would know they're benefitting multiple organisations over the course of Trump's presidency without having to remember each month.

What happens when Trump is no longer president?

The Patreon will end. Should some of his key policies remain in place under a new president, a separate, new Patreon may be set up to encourage donors to keep donating.
$0 of $250 per month
$250 (approx £200) per month would mean some serious pence against Trump, and ensure that a donation is made to one of our three beneficiaries every single month that Trump is president.
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