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Hello to you...the "you" who is reading this. My name is Stephen White and this is the Patreon page of Pencil & Paper Productions. Pencil & Paper Productions is a brand I created back in 2004, along with a more family friendly brand, JSPA Entertainment.

Ever since I was a child, I treated the world like it was my stage, that my life was one big TV show and we were all actors playing out a story. Obviously, reality set in at some point but the desire to create entertainment for the masses never left me. I had aspirations to become an actor as a child, but as I got older, the prospect of directing and editing became much more interesting. Now, I produce a number of projects for my YouTube channel, however finding the time to do it has been a challenge. This is why we have arrived here on Patreon.

I would love to have all of the tools at my disposal to create any and everything that comes to mind. I would love to have a team behind me that wants to help support the creation of these ideas. Most importantly, I would love to see my dreams of a full-length motion picture make its way to the big screen. All of this can happen. I know it can. And the journey will be much easier with the help of awesome patrons like you!

I have listed a number of tiers to choose from with some decent rewards behind them. As time goes on, I will assess and tweak the reward tiers to ensure that I'm giving my patrons the proper rewards for money they're investing. And truly that's what you are doing, you are investing in me and my brand! To let you down in any way, shape or form is unacceptable!

I'm extremely humble and doing something like this makes me uneasy, however if you are willing to come along with me and help form Pencil & Paper Productions into something greater, you have no idea how eternally grateful I will be to you. This can become a brand that you can depend on for quality entertainment. This can become a brand that fans shape into what they want. Pencil & Paper Productions can become a name for fans, by fans!
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If we can reach this goal, we'll produce a new Porter & Ale Live episode on Twitch!
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