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About Pengo Wray

I am Sprinto’s developer and I keep him maintained.

Sprinto is a Discord bot which follows in the tradition of other group chat nanowrimo bots. What started as a small passion project soon became a bot used by thousands of writers in Discord writing groups. Built from the ground up to be an authentic expression of timekeeping innovation, Sprinto is like a Swiss dress-watch but with a squid hat.

While developing Sprinto, I've written a time-related module for other programmers to use (available on github), and tracked down and fixed bugs in Microsoft's core system library.

Help keep Sprinto running and growing. Become a patron and play a part in Sprinto's on-going development, and let Sprinto keep you and your writing group motivated.

If you can't help financially, you can also help by spreading the word, or giving him an up-vote on the discord bots list.
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Sprinto covers rent; development full time.
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