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About Team Silver Clouds

Hello, I'm a software engineer with over 15 years of experience and a game designer with 4 small titles behind my back.
I am also a big fan of space grand strategy games. I spent a big deal of last year searching for a good grand strategy game. Unfortunately, most modern strategy games concentrate on flashy lasers and explosions rather than mechanics. I have not seen a game with mechanic on a level of Stars! or Space Empires for quite a while.
So I figured I'd entertain myself writing a game which would concentrate on a game mechanics rather than looks.
What you see here is this very project.
It is currently in a very early stage and barely could be called a game. However, I thought someone would be interested in what game development progress looks like.
I will be writing this game on weekend, so please do not expect fast development. Unless something really importaint will come up, I will do my best to do some updates each week, however. If I will have to spend the time working on game internals, I will try to add some minor tweeks.
As I do this mostly for self-entertainment, I do not really expect anyone to subscribe. However, if anyone feels like subscribing, I will be greatful. In the game current state I am not sure what I can offer to subscribers, please feel free to suggest if you want anything.
I can't draw, so don't really expect any nice art there. If the project will grow big enough, and if there are enough people interested, I might ask one of the artists I know to do art for me.
The game will be developed evolutionary, what I call it: instead of writing systematically, I will gradually update different aspects of the game to increase playability. This probably is not the most efficient method, but it ensures the game will be at least somewhat playable at every stage, even if not fun.
The final goal is to have the following features:
 - customizable races;
 - both space and surface combat;
 - modular unit design;
 - advanced intelligence activity, with player being able not only to send agents on covert missions, but also to capture enemy spies with an attempt to extract information from them or bring them to his or her side
At the current moment, however, the game is being developed only for couple of months (that is, a few weekends), and is basically a prototype for a combat mechanic.
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At 50$/month I could ask an artist to draw elements of an interface for the game.
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