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- Receive access to a google drive folder with transcripts for all episodes that will be updated with each new release. 

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About Rob Gray

Hi! I'm Rob Gray, Associate Professor of Human Systems Engineering at Arizona State University. I started the Perception & Action Podcast in May 2015 with the primary goal of helping to bridge the gap between science and practice in sports and other high performance domains. It has totally exceeded my expectations and I am having a blast doing it!  From the feedback I have received it seems to be a valuable resource for other academics, researchers, students, coaches, and other practitioners.

Because I pay for all of the production costs (hosting, website, equipment, etc) personally, I have been thinking for awhile about a way to offset some of these to make the podcast sustainable in the long run. I don't want to put any of the core materials behind a paywall because I strongly value open dissemination of information. I have also resisted the temptation of adding advertising as the one's I have been approached with so far would not be relevant for most listeners. So, as an alternative, I have decided to make bonus materials available to listeners that are interested in being supporters of the podcast. If you enjoy the content discussed in the podcasts, I think you will find these are valuable supplementary materials. I hope you will consider supporting and I look forward to doing the podcast for a long time!

Cheers and keep em coupled,

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