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is creating writings to spread a little love, light, and enlightenment.

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I am just a guy trying to get through this thing called life as joyously as possible. Part of that process was recognizing that I wasn't going to do life perfectly. I think I'm not alone in feeling that I've held myself to the unattainable standard of perfection. What I've come to realize is that my imperfections are a necessary component of my human experience. Those imperfections foster growth and within that growth I am more capable to help others. As a recovering alcoholic, the importance of service has been a pretty paramount. I have found, through my writing, a better way to process my experiences and through that, something to share with others in hopes that it helps them process their own experiences. I'm starting this to help me in the process of pursuing my passion of writing and spreading a message of hope. If you happen to read anything you like, please feel free contribute to my growth. Thank you all in advance.
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I need help. When I reach 250 patrons, I'd like hire someone to help to improve the quality and expand the variety of content I am able to give give to you all. I need help with editing to enhance the way my writings convey. I believe the message is there, but so are a lot of extra commas, semicolons and unnecessary words. I would like to look into producing podcasts and videos to diversify the ways to I can create content. Lastly I'd like to improve the overall appearance of my Perfectly Imperfect blog (
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