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About Evelyn Sigourney

Hey there! I'm PerilousPixie, otherwise known as Evelyn or Evie, and I'm a broadcaster on Twitch at twitch.tv/perilouspixie <3 I started streaming in August 2015, and slowly amassed a close-knit community & formed a safe place for everyone on Twitch to come and hang out without fear of being judged or mocked for their preferences or ways of life. My hope is to create a stream where LGBT people (and people of all kinds) can hang around, have fun, and forget about their stresses and worries - even if only for a short while - while also providing a supportive environment for those in need & a place where they can vent and find comfort when they need it. My community has met some rocky opposition from would-be trolls and transphobic individuals in the past, but we have not let that get to us and the wonderful mods we have have kept the community safe and secure as it should be. <3 My hope is that one day I will become a partnered streamer, able to keep all those across Twitch safe and happy as best I can, and to make Twitch my full-time job (6 hours a day) as I find streaming / playing all those new games thrilling, too. Thank you for checking out my Patreon!
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If I hit this milestone, I will make a concerted effort to craft and stick to a stream schedule that works best for my viewers without clashing too hard with other "prime time" caster's streaming times. It is not a guarantee, as my mental health wavers greatly at times, but I will aim for 3 hours a day, 4 days a week at a /minimum/ (with extras if and when I'm feeling up to it).
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