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Even a dollar can help out. Shoot, if one person did a dollar, that'd buy a single sheet of foamboard and I CAN build a plane (minus electronics) out of a single sheet of foamboard. =) 




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About Perkyplanes & RC

My name is Chris and I am passionate about the RC plane hobby. I originally started when I was a teenager in the mid 90's, got my 1st plane, and ended up being too scared to fly for fear of crashing. I gave up and sold the plane years later. In 2016, I got the bug to want to try RC planes again and have been at it ever since. Still get a little scared when I fly a new plane but you know's ok. I have had a few crashes but I have also had some successful flights. In the end, as long as you have fun...who cares if you fly great or crash. It's all part of the hobby. 

Shortly after getting back into the hobby I discovered Flitetest and the joys of working with foamboard plane creations. I could create and build a basic airframe out of foamboard for only a few dollars. This was an amazing discovery especially how pricey off the shelf balsa and foam planes could be. 

Since getting into the hobby I have created my Youtube channel Perkyplanes & RC where I fly/crash things as well as building them. I have a natural gift to tinker and learn how things work and the RC plane hobby is a great place to do just that. I have shared this gift and passion in my youtube channel. On my channel I also mess with drones, review some products, talk about RC hobby related topics, share some beginner tips, build/fly/crash things, and just whatever else I want to share. 

Here is a link to my RC Youtube channel: Perkyplanes & RC
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The building, flying, and creative juices for me will always be flowing regardless, but if you wish to donate you are more than welcome to. If you do donate, the money will go towards materials, glue, RC electronics, and anything else that I would need in the hobby. Thank you!