is creating poetry that blooms year-round and a novel about winter.
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About Perseflora

Thank you for checking out my Patreon!

I'm Jasmine May and I'm an aspiring writer in the way that most people who are filled to the brim with ideas and imagination are. I've recently committed to a young adult fiction novel set in the next Ice Age, filled with science that isn't quite science and new traditionalism. On the side, I bleed poetry about the night sky, my cats, gardens and my soft, rose-coloured lover. A pledge of five dollars will give you exclusive access to full pages of poetry, and that money will go towards feeding my two furbabies, Indiana Jones and Jupiter (who will probably be a main feature on this page, because like every cat owner, I think my cats are the best cats, and quite frankly I am obsessed with them)! A pledge of thirteen dollars will give you access to full length chapters of my novel, Winter's Tooth (a name in the works). Unlocking the 'orchid' tier will also give you access to short stories based in the world of Winter's Tooth, such as in-world fables, stories about unmentioned tribes, and other extra content. 

Anyway, welcome to my garden and thank you for stopping by! Plant your own seeds here via comments or questions! I look forwards to building a close-knit community with you, where art can grow and bloom.
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When I reach $100 per month I'll be able to dedicate more time to writing my novel and full length poems. Also, I'll be hosting a bi-weekly Q&A session via my twitter so you can share your thoughts, put in requests for pieces, and get to know me and the world I've created!
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