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About Personal View

Personal View is more than 7 years old filmmakers community. 
We always put members interests first even at expense of income.  
This is why PV has no advertisments and rely, in large part, on memebrs support.  
On Patreon we'll try to reward our supporters with little useful snippets like laboratory mesurements, some insides and fun moments from exhibitons coverage.
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Get many of lab measurements and private tests related comments sooner than PV members. Some of this information will never go public on PV.
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Get all the private and public lab measurements. This includes both inside lab tests and exhibitions measurements. 
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Support our US, EU, UK, Australia, Japan and India teams. Patrons will get special exhibition reports and some unpublished photos and link to private funny moments video from exhibitions.
$26 of $30 per month
Upon eaching this goal we'll get 5 of your questions to ask them at next exibition.
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