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What!?  Pete is asking for money!?  If times got any harder then would the times be petrified?  

Anyway, I've decided to jump on this Patreon thing because hard times seem to create good music in me.  I've written a handful of new political tunes that I've recorded with the inimitable Matt Cohen for the past coulple months.  Matt is an amazing engineer with a gifted ear when it comes to recording my banjo.  However his studio has rent to pay and he has children to feed so he's charging me a flat $50/hour.  Fair enough.  Unfortunately that's $50/hour more than I have in my life budget so I'm asking your for help!  Would you be willing to sponsor 1 or 5 or 10 minutes of studio time by becoming a patron?  You can also directly purchase a compact disc from me by clicking on the link to the right :)  
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If you are still the type of person that enjoys putting a cd in a player and listening with your headphones, then by all means let me send you (via us mail) a compact disc with my handwritten notes on a generic cd sleeve.  Yours for $10!

This tier will also give you access to all my new banjo videos and an on going dialogue with me and thus the power of suggestion :)

$2 of $1,000 per month
When I reach $1000 I will have raised enough to pay off my remaining studio recording and mixing time.  This will be cause for great celebration and will necessitate the recording and releasing of my next banjo politic record.  And on and on the records turn.  
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