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  • You get access to all my monthly posts on Patreon with useful tutorials and challenges.
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  • Your first pledge gets you 2 eBooks - the Art of the Possible picture book (50 pages) plus updates - and a copy of The Art of Shouting Quietly.




The stories we tell ourselves - our internal narratives - play a huge role in how well we perform and how much we achieve, as well as underpinning how well we connect with others and how credible and authentic we appear to be in life and work. The values we carry over in those narratives will determine whether or not people perceive us as someone they want to work with - someone who they see as warm, trustworthy and worthy of their time and attention. Our values are what drive us along - they give us the energy and courage we need to thrive and find success - however we might define it.

'Where the Magic Happens'
- is based on the art, psychology and science of human connection - it’s designed to help you create a healthy personal narrative - your own unique voice - and gain confidence in using it. This guide is for anyone who wants to learn how to speak up, connect effectively with others and create great relationships - be that with colleagues or customers. It's a toolkit based on experience, evaluation and research - shared with you in the form of articles, tutorials, videos, drawings and podcasts. New material is added every month.

If you answer yes to one or more of these questions, what I'm doing here will really help you make progress.

  • Do you want to engage and connect with people in meaningful ways?
  • Do you wish you could communicate the value of your work more clearly?
  • Would you like to write or talk about yourself and your ideas ore fluently?
  • Do you find it hard to make yourself heard in meetings?
  • Would you like to manage your fears and inhibitions - so you can promote your ideas more confidently - and without embarrassment?
  • Would you like to move away from 'selling' - towards building the relationships that will sustain you in the long term?
There will always be free resources on this page - but a small investment unlocks much more. $2 a month will get you a PDF of my next book - $5 a month will get a hard copy. The small monthly fee helps pay for the time and resources in maintaining the page.

"Pete has an amazing ability to explain technical concepts in a simple way and hold an audience's attention by presenting a range of case studies and providing practical tips. His workshop was very well received by our participants who found it inspiring and encouraging to take their businesses and ideas a step further."
Orru - Programme Coordinator, London Creative Network at SPACE Studios.

Introduction. (Public)

Why, and how, it might pay to be modest
The true value of your non-conformity. (Public)
Where, and when - do you really come alive? (Patrons)  
Finding your niche (Patrons)
Vital preparation - How to become 'audience ready'. (Patrons)
What does success mean to you? (Patrons)

This simple hack will boost your confidence in meetings
Impostor Syndrome - and how to work with it
How to reduce Performance Anxiety: Mental Rehearsal & Visualisation
How to boost your confidence - one tiny dopamine hit at a time. (Public)
Boost your confidence with a Dream List
How to find courage - by setting a greater goal (Patrons)

How to reduce Performance Anxiety (Patrons)
Prioritisation - a 'quick and dirty' tool to get you moving. (Public)
Want to get things done - here's how an accountability partner can help. (Public)

Grumbling - how and why it damages your personal brand
The most important story you never told
The Expert Profile mapping tool
A few notes on Authenticity (Public)
Credibility - how to build your Expert Profile (Public)
The virtuous circle of loyalty and trust (Patrons)

Unleash the power of your forgotten network
Influence by Osmosis - why it pays to take your time.
Other people's voices - a thought experiment (Public)
How to get noticed by influential people - without cold calls (Public)

You never know who's sitting beside you.
How to be a Thought Leader (Patrons)
How to create a customer pathway

Do you struggle to write about yourself? Here's a handy tool.
How to write copy that motivates your readers
How can I sell without feeling sleazy? (Public)
Your story is so much more than words
Telling the story of the change you want to make

Research: Personal Boundaries and their impact on our self-promotion
Research: History of values in Marketing
Research: Neural coupling and the neuroscience of Storytelling (Patrons)
Research: Story structures, the Hero's Journey (Patrons)

Evaluation - and it's role in helping you write about what you do in a compelling way.

Patron rewards - Two books

This toolkit will give you a different perspective - a model of connecting that doesn't involve you trying to be something you're not. Or trying to 'fake it till you make it'. The articles and exercises I'm sharing here will help you put your finger on exactly what is holding you back - then, in easy steps, find clear solutions - strategies to mitigate or overcome your blocks in order to become more effective.

If you have worries about sounding inauthentic, boasting or bragging, sounding cheesy, sharing too much or too little, trying too hard, over-selling - you'll find ideas and solutions here.

Your support will be amply rewarded!

Every month, as the toolkit grows, you'll get exclusive access to in-depth articles, challenges and thought experiments, to help you become much more confident in the way you write and talk about yourself and your ideas. You'll figure out how to communicate more effectively so you can raise your profile, build your audience and sell your work.

Sound good? You can get ongoing access to all this by choosing an option from the Become a Patron panel. Pledge $5 and above, and you'll get a hard copy of 'Where The Magic Happens' when it is published.

Two FREE downloads. As soon as your first pledge is processed, you will be able to download ebook copies of The Art of Shouting Quietly and The Art of the Possible - a thought provoking 50 page illustrated book of daily inspiration.

Here's what I'll be sharing with you.

  • Simple techniques to help you write (and talk) clearly about your life and work.
  • How to use words, visuals, video and live activity to create effective multi-faceted stories that explain what you do.
  • How to find places where you can do this confidently - where you can really shine - and how to show the version of yourself that people will be drawn towards.
  • How to identify and overcome the obstacles that might be in your way.
  • Ways in which you can work with your inner voices so the stories you tell yourself are healthier and more conducive to making connections with others.
  • How to create material that's based on the honest expression of your personal values - tools and techniques that will help you connect with your unique audience.
  • Why relationship building, not 'sales-talk', is the way to build an audience,
  • The art, science and psychology of personal storytelling. Not just how to create a story, but how to make sure it fits the way you are, your values, the way you want to live your life and how you want to spend your time.
  • How to have fun with your self-promotion - people will remember how you make them feel.

This toolkit explores the point where the stories we tell ourselves - about our abilities, our expertise, our place in the world - meet the stories we have to tell others in order to raise our profile and sell our work. That place can be full of conflict - but it's also a magical place, loaded with opportunity. If we can convince ourselves of our own worth, it's much easier to convince others of the worth of our products and services.

Here's why I'm qualified to help you.

I write books, create illustrations, blog and speak about the challenges of earning a living as a creative thinker and do-er - drawing on thirty years of experience of my own creative self-employment. I write for Psychologies Magazine's Life Labs and I'm a business coach and trainer for London Creative Network. My TEDx talk 'Cheeky Letters and Dream Lists' can be found here.

  • I'm trained to postgraduate level in business and personal coaching.
  • I teach modules on values and beliefs on the Barefoot Coaching Postgraduate Certificate coaching course.
  • I coach professionals who are starting or developing their own businesses on a one-to-one basis.

In 2015 I crowdfunded my second book - The Art of Shouting Quietly. It sold in 15 countries before I'd finished writing it.  It's now a set text for Cambridge University’s Leading Change programme and is featured on Susan Cain’s Quiet Revolution website.

The books - and my illustrated  coaching cards - sell all over the world.

Why Patreon?

I need to set aside an increasing amount of my time to writing the stuff and creating the drawings that people have grown to love. I also want to get real benefits to the people that matter to me in an affordable way. Patreon seems like a really good place to do that. 

How does Patreon work?

Patreon is very straightforward. You - as patron - make a small monthly contribution. In return you get exclusive access to my work as it progresses.

If you'd like to subscribe, choose from the rewards on the sidebar. The amount you pledge is less important than your show of support for the project. 


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My Guarantee to you.

As soon as your first pledge is processed you get immediate access to your downloads. If I fail to hold your interest, you can stop your subscription at any time.  That's what will help to keep me motivated to give you excellent value each month!
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One of my primary aims is to create a community of learning around the work I'm doing. At this stage, growing the community is my highest priority.
There are so many wonderful people out there doing fabulous things - people who want to find a way of building an audience without the pain of 'selling' themselves.  If that describes you I'd love for you to join me here - you are exactly the type of person I can help.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 19 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 19 exclusive posts

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