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is creating ⓔ-ⓑⓞⓝⓔ electric bus design concept
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About Peter Simon

Well, hi there :)

I´m Peter, an industrial designer. My main profile is to convey mood, feeling and energy to people through shapes and lines.
My target is the improvement of people´s lives through emotions. I always like to create clear emotions that people can feel when checking out my stuff.

This emotional factor is the most important thing in my current project, too. It´s an electric bus design concept called the "E-bone". "E" is for electrical and "Bone" for natural free shapes and hard structures.

In the current market of buses my competitors are so boring and irrelevant they don´t even stay in your head (do they??? :) ).
No interesting details of industrial design or of high-tech stuff. They work perfect like any well-tried practical object but they have no special technical innovation or emotional factor.

How great it would be to travel by a high-tech object that you love, because it´s cute! :))

Today’s designers have a really big shaping freedom to create a unique bus.
So why designers don´t create a really unique bus with a strong emotional factor?
I also don´t know, but I would change this trend! ;)

How? Come join me and check out how that could work. :P
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