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Lobsters get credit for their support at the end of the video, get to access exclusive production process content and get to give feedback on creative questions.




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About Jordan B Peterson & Chance Godwin

If you love Dr. Peterson's content and like seeing his ideas brought to life with illustrated/animated videos then join the team and help to support the production of our ambitious little video project.

Despite being a busy guy - we managed to catch Dr. Peterson's interest last year with our videos and have been creating lecture adaptations with his blessing & feedback for a while now. We dialogue with him via email about each video and he's shared several through his twitter and youtube feed. 

It's an ever evolving experiment as we try out different animation techniques to see what resonates with ya'll the best. Please chip-in so that we can devote more time to this work (and less time doing corporate explainer videos to pay the bills)

We're doing our best to get at least one of these out per month, but our production schedule is still a bit erratic so we do a pay-per-video-launched patron structure. 

Cheers and hit me (Chance) up with any questions, suggestions, or feedback you have!

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I will start hiring different artists to contribute toward the videos. Lobsters will get to nominate and vote on which artists we'll invite. 
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