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You have a huge heart and want to contribute to my continued efforts of producing great content on my YouTube channel ...  Your support helps cover the costs associated with the channel like cameras, audio equipment, mobile phone bills for Live Streaming, etc. Thank you very much!! 


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This is where all the cool people gather, let their hair down and listen to short stories, poems, and random content read by me, PvG! Here the genres are vast. Some for mature ears only! OoooLALA! 

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About Peter von Gomm (VOICE ACTOR)

Hello Everyone! Thanks for considering becoming a Patron of PvG!


A little bit about ME:
My name is Peter von Gomm and I’m a Professional VOICE ACTOR living in Tokyo, Japan. I have done many many jobs over the years as a NARRATOR and VOICE ACTOR, including character voices for some very big video games, television commercials seen around the world and so much more! If you fly ANA Airlines anywhere in the world, I’ll be your safety companion! 😃

Since my job requires me to go to many different recording studios each day in Tokyo, I like to ride a motorcycle rather than ride the crowded trains. Wouldn't you!? :0) This gave me an idea for my Youtube Channel, Peter von Gomm JAPAN. MOTOVLOGS! Taking my viewers around this incredible city of Tokyo and beyond for JOYRIDES to great restaurants and places of interest.

As thanks for your generous support towards helping pay for the costs associated with operating my Youtube Channel (cameras, audio equipment, mobile phone bills, my time and creative energies, etc.) I offer: 

*Weekly Audio Podcasts: audio short stories read by me and not available anywhere else! 

*Links to jobs I do here in Japan as a voice actor

*occasional videos available only to Patrons

*and MORE!

As the channel grows so will the TIERS I have in mind! And the more patrons we have the more time I can devote to creating content! YAY!

As always a very BIG ARIGATO to all you great folks who have supported me with your kind words and by watching, LIKING and SHARING our videos on YouTube. The party is just getting started! :o) If you would like to become a much appreciated Patron, please click on "BECOME A PATRON.

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