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About Peter Yuen

Hi, I'm Peter and I provide professional photography services to animal rescue, welfare and conservation charities.

If you love animals and the organisations that rescue them, please consider pledging as little or as much as you like to help me support them in their ongoing need for images and awareness. Pledges are in US dollars and are per photo essay, and don't forget to check the bottom of this page for the rewards you can receive for pledging!

You can see my work and a list of over 30 charities I work with on my website.

What I Do

Good images are vital for these organisations, but I also provide online photo libraries as well as all the other ancillary work and ongoing support they need.

I also try to spread awareness with photo essays, social media and exhibitions, and sell prints of my work, with all the proceeds going directly to the charities.

Clicking the shutter is the easy part; animal welfare involves many sensitive situations both physical and political. The charities need someone who can be trusted to act professionally with the people, appropriately with the animals and responsibly with the images.

Why Patreon?
I don't charge charities for my work, and Patreon helps me to cover my travel costs. I don't take any money from print sales or similar; it all goes to the charities. Patreon is an easy way for people to show their appreciation and help me to support the charities as much as I can.

How Does It Work?
Put any amount in the box above, enter your details, and every time I publish a new photo essay, you'll be charged that amount. Check my website or the 'Creations' tab at the top of this box to see some example of the work you will be supporting and the photo essays that accompany it.

How often will payments be made?
Although my aim is one photo essay per month, you should set your monthly maximum donation amount when you check out, so that you only donate what you want. You can also pause donations or cancel completely at any time.

$696 of $1,000 per photo essay
With enough support, I would be able to dedicate myself full-time to the charities and all the work that goes along with it. While life-changing for myself, I believe that with more time to commit, I can provide so much more value to animal welfare and conservation organisations.
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