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Wanna see the world through a Black woman's eyes?
Wanna see the world through a Phenomenal woman's eyes?

I'm Lacey! aka Phenomenal and my aim is to inspire and be inspired. 

I am an independent global empowerment artist who is currently touring my one-woman show, Phenomenal Everywhere around the world. Phenomenal Everywhere aims to empower and transform with themes of courage, global travel, art, culture, gratitude, healing, self -love, and hope.

Phenomenal Everywhere is written and performed by me, an award-winning artist, author, and presenter from North Philadelphia. Phenomenal Everywhere is an autobiographical coming of age tale about a soulful traveler’s flavorful 20-year journey around the world and into herself. The show is resonating with audiences in over three continents worldwide.

"Phenomenal", a spunky brown American girl finds her voice through the ups and downs throughout the travels of eight countries and five continents. The show is unprecedented and unique today: it features the perspective of an African American woman on global travel.

To date, this is the first traveling solo theater show about solo global travel in history (especially from a Black perspective.) #blackexcellence #blackhistoryisworldhistory

I have dedicated my life to inspire and empower people to look closer at themselves and be more realized.

Phenomenal Everywhere is about dreams, inspirations, and tenacity of one woman to explore the globe, while also exploring her own personal discoveries along the way.

With Phenomenal Everywhere, the audience is presented with a rollercoaster of emotions, ranging from happiness and hope to the struggles of despair. We explore the depth of one African American woman and how she embodies the international world around her, something not ever done before.

“For someone who hasn’t traveled, this is like watching a Discovery Channel’s version of her experience. My taste buds were stimulated. I could taste the food she described. Awesome!,” said Dr. Marcus Manns of the Globetrotting Mann’s Family in Colombia.

I am a performer and the visionary behind Sisters’ Sanctuary and a Founder’s Scholar with a B.F.A. from New York University. I am the author of Celebrate HER Now! and Phenomenally U. I have worked with the likes of Dr. Maya Angelou, Spike Lee, Jill Scott, Dr. Sonia Sanchez, and many other inspirational figures. As an artist, I have traversed the globe for 20-years, with eight countries and five continents to my name.

Why Join the Phenomenal Everywhere VIP Society?

It's an exclusive community of great folks who get behind the scenes access and exclusive content all while supporting me in inspiring people around the world with my story. I will continue to travel around the world to perform the show and develop artistic materials including an audio drama series, a novel, coffee-table book, a documentary and narrative film, and TV series.

It will support me by providing a consistent assistance and encouragement to have the freedom to focus on art and providing content that people will love that will inspire:
  • young people to travel
  • people to break outside of their comfort zones
  • self-love and acceptance
  • courage and confidence building
  • the shattering of media stereotypes for African- Americans
"My Umi ( mother) said shine your light on the world, shine your light for the world to see." -Mos Def
I intend to do just that.

What do you get:
Window to the world through a Black person's eyes.
  • Access to exclusive content- meet some of the people I meet on my travels
  • See my food inspiration in each location
  • Insight to what inspires me to write and add new material to the show
  • Sneak peak into the new material I create as I travel...
  • Fun experiences along the way
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