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The Tour House will be a space that offers an affordable practice space rental as well as cheap/free place for touring bands to crash at so long as they play a show at a local Pittsburgh venue. It is being put together and managed by Siren Productions, LLC. 

It has been a dream of mine for a number of years now to open a "tour house". This/these house(s) will be utilized to allow for touring musicians who play at local venues to stay for low to no cost where they will be able to park their tour vehicle, shower, do laundry, etc. In instances where the tour house property is a duplex or multi-unit and when able, we will also focus on renting to area musicians for reasonable rent rates. 

This space will be open for all promoters/venues/etc. to inquire about booking, not just those shows that run through my production company.

Siren Production's goal once the house is open and available will be to purchase and open more houses in/around Pittsburgh in areas that regularly welcome touring acts to their venues. From there, Siren Productions will look to opening up commercial practice spaces that bands and musicians will be able to rent for $15-$25/hour.

Portions of the profit(s) coming in from these will be used to reinvest into our music scene by making the funds regularly available to pay ALL bands (I'm looking at you locals!) on a bill beyond just what they're making in merch sales and door splits. In time, we also are hoping to be able to work with making venue grants available to assist with updates to sound and production for venue spaces as well as spaces looking to become venues.

Hopefully this plan is as exciting to/for you as it is for me. Details are still in the works for how this all comes together overall, but for now you know my intentions. I'll see you at a show! 

-Shandra "Siren"
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When I reach 150 patrons, I'll record and release (with artist permissions) a variety of live recordings of bands who stay with us at the Tour House.
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