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About PharaohSparklefists

I'm PharaohSparklefists and, over on Tumblr, I'm blogging my rewatch of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, with humour, drama, and the occasional rant.

I post my summaries of the episodes with screencaps.
Sometimes I mix up the format.
There's fun extra posts too.
And some standalone jokes.

I'm also writing fics, including a brand-new prideshipping AU that I'm very excited about called Playing With Fire.

I would really like to be able to devote more time to the recaps (and fics). So, in order to make that a reality, I've decided to give my readers the chance to help me, by becoming patrons of Sparklefists Watches YGO!

Time is money, after all. At the moment, recaps are irregular, and easily interrupted when I'm ill, because hobbies are always the first casualties of a chronic illness. But if some of my readers decided the recaps were worth a few dollars, I could start setting aside time for the recaps; they'd be more than just a hobby. Recaps become more regular, I get some money; everyone wins!
$38 of $50 per Recap
Locking It Down!
At this point, I could take a day for recaps every week - instead of taking extra hours teaching, I could use that time for recaps! Posts would become much more regular and I would become very excited!
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