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About Phil Drysdale

Much of Christianity has been taught of a schizophrenic god who is both lover and punisher. Full of peace and also willing to tear you limb from limb. Would die for you on a cross but also requires people to die on crosses in the first place!

Jesus presents no such God in the Father. He deconstructs all prior notions of God. He is the PERFECT Image of the Invisible God. All other images are deeply tarnished by humanity's desperate attempts to describe the indescribable and explain the inexplicable.

I'm Phil - if you are here you probably know who I am.

I offer everything I do for free, in-depth teaching videos, podcasts, blogs, weekly newsletters, encouragement and laughs via social media, pastoring both locally and globally, and I also travel and speak all over the world and speak for free.

None of this is cheap though - as my only form of income I rely solely on the generosity of those who have benefited from this message I'm preaching and want to help me pay the bills and continue to share it throughout the world.

I can't offer much to those who support me (since everything is free) but for those who donate $5 or more a month I can add you to my Partners Facebook Discussion Group where you have access to me daily and get monthly live Q&A calls.

Be blessed and know, God looks like Jesus and so do you!

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