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Access to digital sketchbook, where you can view character designs, throwaway comics, doodles, etc., and my heartfelt gratitude. Sketchbook will be delivered once a month as a .PDF file. 
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First-time patrons at this reward tier will receive a shoutout. All patrons at this tier will receive an image that can be used as a wallpaper for mobile or desktop, and access to digital sketchbook each month. 

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An approximately 5" x 7" print of a select piece from this month's digital sketchbook delivered via snail mail, in addition to lower tier rewards.




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About Philip Edward King

You found me! Welcome to my Patreon!

I want to thank heaven, hell, purgatory, the fey lands, and all of Mother Earth for this platform. Through Patreon, you, dear reader, and I get to interact more or less face to face, which is not something that most creators get outside of small critique groups. What we do tends to take place in solitude. It's my hope that, with your help, we can break down the fourth wall and demystify the artistic process.

Patreon funds allow me to sustain a lifestyle that permits the most time and energy for art-making. Making art is an investment of both, and often, one that comes with little to no guarantee of a return. I love to share my work with people. If I can inspire people to invest in me, then sharing it becomes doubly rewarding!

Beyond inspiration and maybe some catharsis, thanks to Patreon's reward tiers, I can offer a couple other perks for folks who invest in my ability to make art. Rewards for pledging as a patron include personalized thank you messages, a digital sketchbook showcasing what I've been working on, limited edition desktop wallpaper designs, prints, collaborative opportunities, and ongoing shout-outs.

Thanks for visiting my page, taking the time to read this, and supporting my work. Please, come check me out on Instagram @philipedwardking and Twitter @BostonOR for more engagement and process insights.
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Develop 10 rolls of camera film taken over the course of three weeks throughout the Northern Mediterranean. Imagery will then be used in a postcard project.
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