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My name is Philipp Witzmann and I am 23yo. Most people call me by my last name, because Philipp is quite an often seen name and offers quite some variation in spelling. My favorite so far was Pphilip (no typo here).
I’m living in Germany, Saarland where I am currently working at my job as Software Developer. I’ve gotten into programming, because one of my first jobs was quite tedious and repetitive. Goto Source A, B and C, collect informations, sum up, polish and publish them. In the meantime, do some photographs and retouch them, which I really enjoyed as a hobby for 6 years at that time.
I kept wondering, if this process couldn’t be automated and eventually got the chance to teach myself PHP for a period of 4 weeks at this job. I immediately fell in love with the possibilites created by software I could write myself and soaked up every little piece of information I could find. I started of with some basic procedural string manipulation, continued to write my first object oriented piece of code which was a calculator called by a script which read 2 numbers and the operand from a GET Request in the browser. I’ve never thought that programming would be that easy actually.
I continued to learn while beeing instructed by my team co-lead with some simple pieces of software which will be used in this company to help other employees to do their job more efficiently and focus on things, they really are specialised on (and not typing the same things over and over into some form).
Fast forward 1 1/2 years: I’ve developed around 10 programs which automated a lot of work (including my original idea) or helped people to spend their time on meaningful tasks. At this point I quit this job to move forward into a enterprise sized company, to really step up my game.
At this point, I thought for myself:
Welp, seems like you can program almost anything you want by now.
Boy was I wrong. Well I wasn’t really. I COULD potentially write anything I wanted by that time. I just couldn’t write it together with other people, meaning I had my own coding style (which changed depending on my daily mood), I had very specific, almost never changing requirements and I wrote code on my own, with my co-lead reviewing functionality (tests? lul). So I joined this new big company which had some really funny words in its vacancy, TDD, CI/CD, SOLID, Agile, Scrum. Never heard of this stuff. So I immediately opened the book of knowledge (Google) and read. And read. And holy f**k it’s 3am. The following two weeks I tried to refactor some of my old written software to match the principles of SOLID. Especially the inversion of control (Dependancy Inversion Principle) part. So I learned about these techniques, dependency injection, automated testing (even browser clicking can be automated? Sh*t up and take my money!), Single Responsibility, infinite scaling, Metrics, Coding Styles, Design By Contract and what not. I lived programming at that time. Every single second I could spent, was spent on programming, leaving me programming for 15hours a day. 6 days a week, for around 200 days total. Best hobby ever. I could deepen my knowledge because I had a big team of developers and friends around me, which (partially) loved programming as much as I did. My hobby was my job and I enjoyed everything about it. Fast forward to now: I’m at a new job now in a company which was just recently created. Time to make new experiences in an unsettled environment, beeing able to use my knowledge to built new software and teach others what I’ve learned so far. I’ve held a lot of internal lectures paving the way to create flexible, robust and scalable software. What happened after that? I don’t know. Join my adventure and let’s get excited together to see what the future will offer us. And also I will be teaching a lot of what I learned on my blog. So if you want to learn something, let me know and I try to make it happen.
Thanks for reading!
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