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About Phil Marriott

Hey you! Thank you for coming to my Patreon page and considering supporting my work.

I have over twenty years experience in radio, DJ and journalism work. In the last two decades, I have gained respect and trust from key industry figures, and have been crucial to the development of many recording artists, both established and unsigned.

Five years ago, I gave up full-time work in radio to go freelance. I still have a regular radio show on a national radio station but I am also a part-time videographer, DJ and remix producer. Currently I don't have a regular, consistent income.

I still have connections in the industry but my main focus is to develop the work I do on my website and YouTube channel. I've had my channel since 2012 but it was only two years ago that I decided to nurture the platform and produce regular content in the hope that one day I can make it my full time job.

Since the late 90's I have had the best time working in the media. During my time I have hosted Manchester Pride (on stage in front of thousands), been a support DJ for Tiesto and Freemasons, and interviewed artists such as George Michael, Annie Lennox, Marc Almond, Beth Ditto, Bianca Del Rio and Bananarama. More recently I hosted the Q&A Facebook Live stream for Dubstar.

I have many ambitions. Last year I co-founded a regular TV and movie review show on my YouTube channel called 'Boys On Film' with my friend Raj Rudolph from EQ Music blog. This is something I really am keen to expand on in the coming months.

I really want to concentrate on offering content that you can't consume anywhere else, and to develop ways of giving exclusive work of value. To do this costs money. Over the last two years I have taught myself how to film, edit and publish my work. I have spent a lot of money on camera equipment, lighting, computers, software and subscription services.

I am pleased to say that over the past 2 years, I have built up a good audience for my channel and it still continues to grow.

I have many plans to improve on my channel and this is where I need your help. With extra funding each month, I would be able to set aside more time and effort to my videos. I would be able to attend more events, interview bigger celebrities, and produce more upfront news reports. I hope you can play a part in the success of making something special to really celebrate.

Thank you.
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If I reach my $750 per month, I will truly be able to dedicate more of my time to my work on YouTube.

I am currently a freelance radio presenter and DJ. In addition to this work, I would also like to take a professional course on videography and editing to further enhance my skills and therefore give me the ability to produce more stylish content on my channel.

Your kind donations will mean I can invest in more equipment and software to make my content look as good as possible. 

In time I would love to make producing content on my YouTube channel my full time job. With your help I can make this dream a reality.
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