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is creating a longform dialectics; asking questions & seeking truth.

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What is Philosofusion?

(philo– “loving”) + (sophia “knowledge, wisdom”) + (fusion “union or blending of different things”)

Philosofusion is the love of blending & combining knowledge & wisdom.

Philosofusion, the podcast, is a weekly long-form audio series. Focusing on free-form conversation, asking the hard questions, bringing together the brightest minds from seemingly opposing ends of illusory spectrums. Ever moving towards Truth, exploring what it means to be human, finding solutions to our most pressing problems.

Who is Philosofusion?

Kenny Palurintano

Host of Philosofusion, Vegan Chef, Life Optimization Facilitator
Starting in high school, I decided to try my hand at the “American Dream”… which looked a lot like spending a decade working 40+ hours per week in various offices & restaurants, going to college just long enough to realize I was already getting the jobs my degree would be for, and of course years of alcoholism, cocaine addiction, trash food, video games, and other escapist self-destruction.

About the time I turned 24, I had a life-changing experience with Psilocybe azurescens, and from there I slowly began asking questions about the world again, realizing that so many problems I thought I had were simply ways I wasn’t fitting into a sick society, and finally taking care of myself for the first time. Beginning with cleaning up every facet of my diet, I started a chain reaction. As my body began to be healthier & healthier, so too did my brain begin to work more clearly & effectively.

Over the past 7 years I have dedicated myself to healing my body & mind, connecting with my spirit, and being of service to life. In that time I’ve pushed myself to new edges time & again, I’ve found myself becoming friends with most of the people I’ve loved to watch, read, and listen to, and I’ve had the joy of feeding tens of thousands of magnificent humans!

Why Philosofusion?

As a concept for a podcast, Philosofusion has been many years in the making. Since beginning on the path of the truth-seeker, it has always been quite clear how important it is to see things from all sides, to keep an open mind, to not let ones theories become beliefs, to ask questions!

In my travels, I often find myself in the middle of conversations about morality, socio-economic structures, epistemology, psychology, activist tactics, and much more. My willingness to listen to both sides and explore what they have to offer, my ability to see patterns, the ease with which my brain zooms out to the bigger picture, my insatiable curiosity, and my natural groundedness have allowed me to dive deep into some of the most eye-opening and mind-expanding conversations around topics ranging from obscure to completely inaccessible due to emotionally-charged ideologies.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve noticed a lot of the conversation (both in the mainstream and in activist/anarchist/truther circles) becoming less & less about hearing each other, and more about repeating ideological dogma & hateful name-calling.

I love having these conversations, I know many magnificent humans with expertise on basically every topic, and I love content creation… Starting a podcast was clearly the next step.

How is Philosofusion Possible?

This podcast, like all the content that I create (and most of the events I do) is offered as a gift to anyone who wants it. I have no expectations for anything coming back, but I am open to all of the abundance that the universe wants to send my way. It has taken me years to reach a point of balance between abundance & openness to support on one hand, and not wanting to support the usury, war, and competition inherent in the money system.

Of course, something like a weekly podcasts does have some costs associated with it, especially since I’m working on improving audio quality (getting new microphones), hosting all my own media (which will hopefully require server upgrades as the podcast grows), and traveling to events in order to record on-site. I’m blessed to have friends willing to help me with web design, web hosting, and even audio production to get things started. If you’d like to help bring the conversation to a new level, please consider supporting the project financially.

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