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About Clemens

Uniting a Divided World

A New Approach to Philosophy for Tomorrow’s Heroes and Leaders

Is the Era of the Conventional Hero Ending?

An alternative to the self-sacrificial heroes, and the egotistical villains is emerging: the rational hero who considers long-term consequences.

Why is a new philosophy needed? The reasons are:

  • Advances in philosophy and science that have not yet found their way into our culture.
  • Increasingly divided world, reliance on simple myths.
  • Increasing complexity of life requires extraordinary leaders that go beyond the mere technical or personal approach, people who can create other leaders.

My Philosophy for Heroes enables you to do three things:

  • Understanding the workings of your own mind by understanding the natural world.
  • Confronting your own dark side instead of trying to defeat it by projecting it onto others and attacking them.
  • Breaking with the traditional image of the self-sacrificial hero.

Why is this subject important to me?

I am a spiritual person, questions about meaning interest me a lot. And where there is demand, there is supply. There are people out there who call themselves teachers, heroes, gurus, or alike, and no matter how smart you are, you can fall prey to their system of thought. That happened to me. No harm done, except time and my intellectual pride. But it showed me a part of the world that needs healing.

But I cannot teach you to be a hero. That is why it is not called a philosophy of heroes, but for heroes. If you can reflect on your actions, you are already a hero. I can give you the tools to be a better one and lead others to become better versions of themselves. I am passionate about having an independent mind, and that is what I can teach you.

What is the book series about?

With my book series Philosophy for Heroes, I bridge the gap between logic, science, ethics, and ultimately, leadership. In the first book, Knowledge, I will take you on a journey to examine the foundations of knowledge and the concept of a hero. In the second book, Continuum, our journey goes from the fundamentals of physics to the core principles of biology: evolution. In the third book,Act, we arrive at the mind, its inner workings, its creativity, our wishes and dreams, and ultimately our consciousness and ethics. The final act, Epos, brings together and expands on the ideas of the previous books to form a comprehensive idea of heroism.

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