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Okay, if you REALLY love my videos then this is the tier for you! This will grant you all the benefits from the $1 and $2 tiers, AND you'll be able to watch the Nightmare in Gotham Episodes a full WEEK before they're posted on YouTube! Not only that, but you will also be able to VOICE IN THE SERIES! That's right, you will be casted in to the series! Will you be an extra? Will you be the villain? A hero...? 




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My name is Phil, and I create LEGO Stomotion videos on my YouTube channel, PhilRodFilms. Although I make many different types of content on my channel, the most popular content on my channel by far is my LEGO Batman Nightmare in Gotham series. By being a patron, you will be paying only when I upload a new stop motion video, and not a trailer. You will be contributing to an aspiring filmmaker and there are many benefits to being a patreon as well. Keep reading to find out!
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At this point, I will be able to expand the sets I have, for better buildings and overall Gotham-esque atmosphere
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