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About Phitzee

Hello Beautiful People!

I'm Philip, also virtually known as the smoothie connoisseur who goes by the name Phitzee. I'm a health and fitness nut with a serious passion for eating, especially whole plant based foods, along with creating yummy smoothie bowls, cooking, working out, calisthenics, travelling the world, being in nature, and all the other wonderful things this joyful life has to offer.

I want to show the world how to THRIVE not just survive! 

MY aim is to inspire, teach and help people to become the best and healthiest versions of themselves possible! I want to show EVERYONE how to live and thrive on a natural lifestyle through amazing food, fun fitness, mindfulness, well being and MORE. I also want people to know that improving your lifestyle and achieving your desired health and fitness goals is a lot easier than most of us think.

And so, I could really use your help to spread the message and make this happen faster! Oh, and to create even more incredible and valuable content too. I have MANY exciting "ideas" planned for the near future, which I cannot wait to turn into reality! 

Honestly, THANK YOU! Much love to all the lovely souls that have supported me on this journey so far and even more love to all the souls who carry on doing so. I am really pleased with what I have accomplished so far, but I never want to stop, I am keen to do so much more! 

Your love, attention and support always goes a long way and is truly appreciated!