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About Phoebe Zeitler

We live in a fast-paced world. Even as we invent time-savers and take shortcuts, we still find ourselves running out of time to do the things we want to do.

Playing role-playing games is a great hobby, but it's time-consuming to set up. You have to read a complex set of rules, roll up a character, think up a story line to play out, and after all of that the whole thing could be cancelled because peoples' schedules just don't line up.

What if there was a way to set up and play within a few minutes-- with characters ready to go, a fresh scenario every time, and easy-to-understand rules? What if you could set up one-shot games with friends at the drop of a hat? And what if those games were presented every month?

That's a question you can answer for just $5 per month.

My name is Phoebe, and I'm a game designer and writer. I've fought epic battles throughout the Forgotten Realms, ran scared through the corridors of Alpha Complex, embraced my sworn brothers of the 41st Millennium, and lost an arm in a galaxy far, far away (that last one's a looooong story). Role-playing games are a significant part of my life and livelihood.

But they do take a long time to set up. Worse, they often take specialized equipment that might not be affordable for people. I want to fix that. I'm creating fast-setup games that use standard equipment-- nothing more extraordinary than a few dice and some counters. These games are able to be set up in minutes, with a scenario that's new almost every time, and can go as long or as short as the players want. At $5 per month, they're utterly affordable. And since there's a new game released every month, the games are geared to one-shots, but can be played as long, epic campaigns.

Tabletop games have given me so much. Friends, memories, excitement, and probably most of all, peace. These are things that I think everyone should be able to experience. Help me give back to a hobby that I'm sure we can all agree is worth rolling for initiative.
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