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About L

Greetings traveler!
My name is Phoebe Leigh, and I'm an illustrator, animator, and professional goof.
Simply put, I am pretty obsessed with creating and designing characters. My whole world is based around gods, skin-morphs, spirits, demons, and angels. I've worked along side a really good friend by the name of Amirah, and we are working towards putting these characters into more animations and art
How did I get here?
I have been drawing and creating since I was about 8 years old. Recently, I've been on a (rather daunting) journey to turn my passion into my profession: To become a full-time artist and animator. My goal one day is to take my characters and bring them into stories that I can share with others. 

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If we achieve this goal I'll begin doing character design raffles every other month.
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