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My undying love an gratitude, and access to Paetron Only Feed
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You have made sure I am able to replenish my health and mana, and not be hungry.
For that I will reward you with a quick rough chibi sketch of one character original or fanart. Whatever your little heart desires. This is a digital reward.
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  • One Rough Chibi Sketch each month, during a Saturday Art stream
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1 Artwork for you by Teda. Pledges from this tier will go directly to Teda.
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About PhoenixCrash

I'm a wife and a mother, and I like to play games and draw.
I've been streaming on Twitch since May 2014. I stream a variety of games. Mostly Overwatch and whatever other games I own. Sometimes I want to just chill and spend some time in the Creative category and draw fan art or just art of my own. Or even make craft stuff. 

My current stream times are:
Monday to Friday - 2pm-12am 
Mostly streaming games, but will stream commission request during these days
Saturday - 2pm-2am
This is usually Sub Art day or just Saturday Art day sometimes with my daughter and niece.
Sunday - Optional Day
Sometimes I will take Sunday off to just relax and catch up on housework, sleep and pick up groceries.

Why pledge to me?
I like to stream games and my artwork. Pledging to me would help me give you more of my content and improve the quality of my content. Also if you want to help two little aspiring artist to improve you can pledge to their tier. [Teda's Tier] and [Marie's Tier] and the money from these pledges will go directly to them. Or if you want to support them both there is a [Teda and Marie Tier] where the cost from that tier will be split between them 50/50.

$0 of $50 per month
Thank you for this first milestone. Not  much I would think to offer but a raffle for a quick chibi sketch on Saturday Art streams. 
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