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If you'd just like to chip in a little bit each month and see what's going on in patron-only posts (previews of upcoming fakes, for example), this tier's for you. Thanks for your kind support!

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At this tier, I'll post polls about the things I'm thinking of working on, and you can vote to help prioritize what will be added next!




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About Phoenix

Hey there! I'm Phoenix, and I love worldbuilding and creature design. Building worlds and monsters is my favorite way to scratch my constant creative itch. What's more, I love sharing these creations with others who like weird monsters and silly, fantastical worlds. I've been creating monsters and sharing them for nearly a decade now, and even after all these years it's still kinda stunning to me that other people do, in fact, seem to get a kick out of them. I'd love to be able to bring people more colorful critters more often!

Right now, most of my work in this direction goes toward the fan Pokémon project The Phoenixdex, a collection of "fakemon" and the regions they inhabit. The Phoenixdex consists of several regions, each with their own list of monsters—nearly 300 in total at time of writing, and hopefully many more to come! I'm still adding more when I can, and hoping to be able to give more attention to further fleshing out the lands they live in and the people they live alongside.

In the future, I also intend to expand my available work to creating a (free!) campaign world for tabletop roleplaying games, generally focusing on 5th Edition D&D. It would include not only the world, but also new playable races, monsters, NPCs, magical items and, hopefully, even some adventures to run. The setting and all its parts are still a work in progress, but you'll be the first to know when the initial content is ready to roll!

Nothing's going to stop me from working on these projects, patrons or no, and they'll always be available for everyone to enjoy. Creating is the love of my life, and you couldn't get me to stop doing it if you paid me. And certainly I don't expect to make a living off of this. But if you like what you see and feel like leaving a little tip, your generosity is very much appreciated and will spur me on to keep creating at a steady pace!
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At this goal, I'll be better able to prioritize working on new monsters and can get back to the one-line-per-month schedule I used to have for the Phoenixdex.
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