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One of my ideas is to help others express trauma, if you donate to this one, I will let the money go to those in need and cover crops needed for photoshoots.

I will share a little, what is managable and what I will be allowed to, when it ads up.

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Be one of the first ones to join my course in wellness and photography basics, to improve your photography and feel better at the same time. Interaction in a private forum.

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About Elisabeth's Fairytales

Hi, I come from the finance world, put pictures do say much more. I love to work with feelings, the senses, picturing beautiful flowers, animals, connecting to nature.

I am called to the schamanic path and in connection with nature I want to make people feel, and remember to feel.

Some of my photos at:
Elisabeth's Fairytale Photography

Do you need more wellness in your life and want to learn basics of photography at the same time? Do you have trauma you want to work with. There are several solutions. Please visit my photo page for more information.


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