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Willing to pitch in, but you're unsure how much or if it's too little?
Well- it's not! This tier exists for those who are willing to give a dollar- and every bit counts.

For this tier you gain:
  • Insight of future prints/projects
  • Peeks at all of 'em
  • Your name amongst the patrons of all
Because your support matters :3
Classic Pencil
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Let's say you wanna do a bit more, but not a bit much- this tier is for you.

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This tier has to be the turning point of my Patreon- and what separates it from others. 

For this tier you gain:
  • An Original Custom Fairy Avatar
Here you receive a fully customized avatar of your persona as a fairy~!
Your pick of outfit, race, and one prop! The fairy will forever be featured no matter how long or how short your patronage may be. You will have a full png of it emailed~

  •  An inked sketch request, monthly
These sketches are made traditionally- pencil then inked. It may be any character and a few props. May or may not add shading, depending on the piece. They'll be scanned to email for you. (Hopefully later mailed once I unlock a PO Box)
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Yellow! Welcome to my Page~ 

I'm PickFairy, aka Kaylia ^ ~^

Thank you for reading this lil bio. Read on to know more about lil' ol' me. Hehe, I'm an artist and creator~ My art ranges all over. Recently, I've been exploring new topics 'n subjects! My art ranged to anime, as a young otaku. To ponies, from my obsession as a brony. And now? Heh, I try to draw all kinds of things! 

My nature comes from within when I draw. It's been a journey. I started when I was just a preteen. Years throughout I went through lots of sketchbooks. After highschool, I went on to college. I left with a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design, yet eager to switch to an illustrator. Lil' bit of a difference, heh. My digital art skills has increased the most since then, and funny enough it's helped me with traditional too! Heck, I wanna create prints with both. Maybe a mix, one or the other, yet overall created by moi. 

This Patreon goes toward my full career as an artist and creator. The projects I work on has sneak peeks for all my patrons. Certain patrons may gain different rewards based on tiers--- however, every one of 'em has access to behind the scenes! That includes all wips of my drawings, snippets of vids, possible hints ahead to more content, etc.

If you become a patron, you pitch in to help my path ahead. All funds go directly into this account each month. Then, well, I do not touch it. I've made it my absolute mission to ONLY use the funds during huge projects. The projects that I need your help to accomplish. And, within the majority of those? I always think of ways patrons can benefit to 'em, too. Whether through the long run, and/or directly.

Thus ends this 'lil section of who I am, and what the page is about. I appreciate you reading, heck- if you have any questions please message me. My social stuff is below~ ^ ^ Thank you.

Twitter | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | TeePublic
$14 of $30 per month
If I reach this goal I will pitch in a few of the funds to those who help support my artwork 'n channel. Editors as they will help put together videos 'n a lot of that. Set aside a bit for a commission needed for a video, etc. I want to pay 'em in return for their work. ^^
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