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About PickFairy/Kaylia

I'm PickFairy/Kaylia, an artist that pursues art in many different forms, and media. I've graduated with full Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design, and I've been an artist since, well, since I was tweleve but my parents said I've always drawn as a child. This Patreon is to help support my artistic dreams and goals, so even a little bit of support is greatly appreciated. I've been drawing several things over the years as my interests changed.

One look at my creations, and you'll see that I am passionate. If you're willing to help support me, I swear to thank you as much as possible. It doesn't matter if someone give me a dollar, I'll be eternally grateful. And even if someone can just give me a thumbs up for my work, I'll be thankful. Please look below for social media. Thank you. 

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Every bit helps~
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Thank you so much for doing what you can, every bit reallllly helps me a ton.

  • Name featured in next piece and/or video 
  • Access to W.I.P. Posts of all future pieces n' projects
  • Start to see videos and/or projects before they're released.
  • See future prints before they're released. 
So Nice of You!~
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Really nice! Thank you! Here's a list of benefits for you!

  • Stated Above Perks
  • Join Pickcord as a Patreon Supporter Role, and access the Patreon only category within my Discord Server ~
  • Be a part of a Monthly Pickcord/Discord Call for all Patreon Supporters and I. 
  • Request a Character Sketch traditionally made that may or may not be inked and scanned in for you. 
Includes Discord rewards
So Kewl Of You~
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Kewlio! Thanks! Here's a list of benefits for you!

  • Stated Above Perks
  • Receive a Custom Fairy Avatar, to be added to the group patreon picture that's posted at the end of each month. The same avatar, unless you want to update it later, will remain even after patronage. 
  • Have Access to Patron Only Discord Streams from Pickcord. Can be for your rewards, a game, or just a piece that I'm allowing you to preview the process.
Includes Discord rewards
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Wow!! Thank you! Here's a list of benefits for you!

  • Stated Above Perks as well
  • Instead of sketch you: Receive an Oil Pastel Piece of One Character
    (To be Mailed) or 1 Digital Character Piece (To be Emailed or Printed and sent to you) once upon becoming a patron. 
Includes Discord rewards
You are amazing!~
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Amazing! You're amazing! Here's a list of benefits for you!

  • Stated Above Perks~~~ 
  • Instead of above you're able to: Request 1 Digital Art Character Piece w/ Background (To be Emailed or Printed and sent to you) or Receive a Oil Pastel Piece of a Character with Background  (To be Mailed) of your request once upon becoming a patron .
  • Your Custom Fairy Avatar is or becomes of Royalty, and she/he has a crown upon their head~ Silver for males, gold for females~
Includes Discord rewards
$9 of $50 per month
If I reach here, I'll be able to enhance my tools of trade. I'll be able to get more art supplies and/or supplies for my desktop computer.
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